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 Even if you are new to the assessment appeal process , never fear because you can email us before you buy. We actually encourage you to ask about our innovative App. The Property Tax Dr. will take your bank account from sad to glad.   

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What can Accurate Property Assessment do for YOU?

Keeping the money you work so hard for.


You work hard for the money you earn. Are you paying more than you should because the Local assessor has valued your home too high? 60% of you are likely assessed higher than you should be. Nationally less than 3% will appeal their assessment, why you ask? It is difficult for the average citizen to wade through the merky assessment waters.

What will extra cash mean to you?


Successful appeals translates to money in your pocket. Can that be a several payments for a new car, maybe a boat or new kitchen appliances, how about building your savings account? Whatever you want, you decide. It is your money after all. 

At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. using our Property Tax Dr. you will have the key to unlock savings.


The Property Tax Dr. is an easy,comprehensive and informative way to accurately appeal your assessment. We developed this APP to simplify the assessment appeal process. In our App you will guided using our unique accurate assessment photo / documentation tool, and built in calculators that are specific to your neighborhood making assessment valuation easy as 1- 2- 3 . When you complete the entire process, you will have at your hands the most comprehensive and accurate assessment appeal documentation available to the public.

Let us help you

Service details.


At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. we guide you, the homeowner, through the difficult task of assessment appeal. Though no fault of your own, errors occur through the antiquated system of mass appraisal. At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. we give you all the tools to professionally appeal your assessment. 

Whats happening now?


Very soon we will release the full version App on all platforms including Android, IOS, PC, and Mac.

Satisfied customers.


During the rigorous testing process we applied our unique application on properties of varying values, ages, and areas to gather a comprehensive snapshot of homes. 

Ted P saved $2020 per year on his tax bill .

Scott M reduced his tax bill by over $1700 per year 

Amanda S reduced a rental home by $685 per year. 

While not all property will see a decrease at these levels, many will. 

throughout our analysis we have found many properties that were over assessed by 10 to 38%. 

Military discounts


Active military members that own their home certainly don't need to worry about paying too much in property tax. Ask about our huge military discounts 

When you share we reward back.


At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. we strive to save our customers  money and to correct inaccurate assessed values placed on your home. We offer incentive programs to those that use and share information about our great product. Show us that you share and we will send you a special gift. 



What is assessed value? the assessed value of your property is an adjusted value for tax purpose. 

Why did my assessed value change? Assessed value can change after a property sells, after a neighborhood value increases or decreases, or after the assessor completes their mass appraisal update . 

Can I appeal my assessment anytime? 

you can rightfully appeal your assessment every year for reason but this must fall under guidelines set by the assessing district (to appeal to the board of revue, you have approximately 30 days to file after the date of publication of current assessment).

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About Us

Our staff

Our Consultants consists of professionals in the fields of Assessment, Real Estate, Property tax, Software Development, and Legal.

Our philosophy

At Accurate Property Assessment Inc. our #1 goal is to assist you, the homeowner in correcting egregious assessments placed by your local assessor.

Our specialities

We are the only DIY appeal application in existence. We offer the most comprehensive and accurate information to adjust, incorrect property assessed value. We offer extremely helpful tutorials that guide you through all stages of assessment appeals.

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